Dog Park Equipment Package

All the Items You Need for Your Canine Guests!

dog park equipment
It’s a dog park in a box! All the items you need for a great hound playground, in one handy package.

For maximum dog park fun, you need to provide a variety of entertainment for your canine companions. Yes, frisbees are popular. Yes, tennis balls keep ’em busy. But ultimately, you’ll want to provide equipment that can’t be found in home back yards. Here’s what you get, for one low price:

dog park equipment package
Overhead view of the Dog Park Package with recommended layout.

(1) Dog House Tube
(1) Leash Hitching Post
(1) Ground Hoops Set
(1) Weave Post Set
(1) Fire Hydrant
(1) Dog Bone Hurdle
(1) Jump Hoop
(1) Walking Ramp

 Dog Park Package #1
Unit#: Package1