Dog Park Surfacing

dog park surfacingDog park surfacing gives your canine friends a soft place to walk and run. Our engineered wood fiber (EWF) is an organic wood product that is made from the center of trees. It is ground to a consistency that is somewhere between wood chips and sawdust. And for owners, it’s important to note that EWF is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because it compacts into a surface on which wheelchairs can move freely. (EWF is also known by the trade names of Wood Rug and Wood Carpet.) Our engineered wood fiber is delivered to dog parks in bulk quantities of 90 cubic yards or more, in a motion-bed tractor trailer. Usually, we just drop the fiber in a large pile for your crew or volunteers to put down in the dog walking area, but in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, we can¬†install the surfacing on the dog park grounds for you. If you have any questions about our wood fiber, just phone us toll free today.

surfacing for dog parks
A close-up view of our engineered wood fiber (EWF). This material is ground from the center of trees, not the bark, so it compacts down into a soft surface for dogs.

Nationally, we deliver wood fiber in loads of 90+ cubic yards in any of the other 48 continental states. The price of the material and freight varies widely depending on the area of the country. For pricing, please phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707.

In the Maryland – Washington, DC – Virginia area, we deliver and/or install wood fiber in quantities of 12 cubic yards or more. The price for the fiber alone is $38 per cubic yard. Delivery and/or installation on your play area is additional. We also sell wood fiber to go, in any quantity, at our facility in Dickerson, Maryland. Note: Sales to go are done by appointment only. To make an appointment, just phone us at (301) 840-0707.

We also sell engineered wood fiber through